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Moving has been made fast, easy and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week using our online forms.

Whether you need to open a new account, close an account, transfer an existing account, or you just need to update your customer profile please use the forms below to send us the details. Please note if you are moving or need to start or stop your natural gas service we require a minimum of 48 hours notice.

Our Customer Care Center is open for business Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM Pacific Time, except on major holidays. Please allow at least 2 business days for us to complete your request. If you have an immediate service need, please call the Pacific Northern Gas Customer Care Center at 1 800 667-2297.


Open a New Account

If you do not currently have an account with Pacific Northern Gas, and are moving to a property within the Pacific Northern Gas service area, this form will automate your application for gas service.
Online form


Close an Existing Account

If you have an existing account that you would like to close, or you are moving to an address that does not have gas service you will need to close your account. Please fill out this online form to automatically close your account.
Online form


Transfer an Existing Account

If you currently have a Pacific Northern Gas account and are moving to a property that has natural gas service within the Pacific Northern Gas area, this form can be used to automate the transfer process.
Online form


Moving form for Solicitors and Property Management

This form is for Property Management companies or Lawyers to set up new accounts with Pacific Northern Gas.
Online form


Update your Account Information

To help Pacific Northern Gas serve you better, please use this form to make any necessary changes to the information on your Pacific Northern Gas Account such as your name, phone number or mailing address.
Online form


Contact Us

For all other inquiries or comments please feel free to contact us using with this online form.
Online form


Pre-Authorized Payment/Budget Billing Enrollment

Fill out the application on the next page, attach a personal cheque marked VOID and mail or fax it in to PNG or place it in the dropbox at the local office.
PDF Form


Please note – Service Line Applications

In most cases, PNG can install a natural gas line to your property at any time of the year. However, it is preferable to complete installations before the ground freezes. This way, you’ll avoid the risk of running into delays and winter construction surcharges. In order for your building project to go smoothly, we like to start when your project begins. Please notify us early in your planning.


Billsample newnew


Understanding Your Bill

Account Number
Your account number is a unique number that identifies your account with PNG.  Account numbers identify two things.  The first 9 digits beginning with two zeros identify you (the customer).  This portion of your account number will always stay the same as long as you are a PNG customer regardless of where you move within our service area.  The last 7 digits identify your premise (the address of the service).  This portion of your account number will change if you move to a different location.  If you have more than one account with PNG, the first portion of the account number will be the same for all of your accounts and the second portion will be different for each account.

Bill Issue Date
This is the date that your bill is printed and mailed to you.

This shows the name(s) of others who are also responsible for the account and have the authority to make inquiries on the account or make changes to the account.

Service Address
This is the address of the premise that is consuming the gas you are being billed for.  For some customers, this may be different than the mailing address.

Rate Class
This identifies the classification of service you are receiving from PNG.

Meter Number
This is a unique number identifying the meter that is measuring the gas being consumed at this premise.  You may see this number change if your meter is exchanged due to routine maintenance.

Gas Consumed
This identifies the period of consumption included on this bill.

Days of Service
This is the number of days of service you are being billed for.

Meter Reading From
This is the meter reading at the beginning of this billing period.  It should be the same as the “To” date on your previous bill.

Meter Reading To
This is the meter reading at the end of this billing period.  It should be the same as the “From” date on your next bill.

Meter Reading Type
This identifies if the “To” reading is an Actual read or an Estimate.  PNG typically reads your meter every second month.  If you are on bi-monthly billing, you should see “Actual” on every bill, however, if you are on the Budget Billing Plan and receive monthly bills, you may see “Actual” on every second bill and “Estimate” on the alternate bills.

Volume Used
This is the volume of gas consumed in this billing period.  This is the difference between the Meter Reading From date and the Meter Reading To date.

Volume to Energy Conversion Factor
Our meters record gas volume.  This factor converts the volume to gigajoules (GJs) which is the standard unit of energy in the metric system.

Gas Consumed
This is the number of gigajoules of gas used in this billing period.

Previous Balance
This shows the balance of your previous bill and any payments, credits, or adjustments applied to your account prior to this billing.

Balance Forward
This shows the total of any unpaid charges carried forward from your previous bill and any credits or adjustments that may have been applied to your account between billing periods.  If there is a balance owing here, it is due and payable immediately.

Energy Charges
Shows the full period of time the following “Charges” apply to.

Basic Charge
A standard fee charged to all customers.  This fee pays a portion of the cost of the facilities required by PNG to deliver gas to its customers.  The fee is charged regardless of the amount of gas used.

Delivery Charge
This charge is to recover the costs incurred by PNG to deliver gas through its facilities to your home or business.

RSAM Delivery Rider
RSAM stands for “Revenue Stabilization Adjustment Mechanism”. Every year Pacific Northern forecasts how much revenue it will receive from customers based on the annual forecast of gas to be consumed by customers. It is impossible to accurately forecast deliveries to customers because of the effect of weather on gas consumption. If the weather is colder than expected, then more gas will be consumed and revenues may be greater than what was forecast to be recovered from customers. Therefore, Pacific Northern is allowed by the B.C. Utilities Commission to record the difference between forecast and actual revenue recovery from residential and small commercial customers in the RSAM deferral account. In this way, if the actual deliveries are more than forecast deliveries with resulting higher revenue, then a credit balance will be recorded in the RSAM deferral account and a RSAM credit rate rider will be applied to rates for the purpose of stabilizing revenue from year to year. On the other hand if actual deliveries are less than forecast deliveries, then a debit RSAM rate rider will be added to residential and small commercial customers rates.

Commodity Charge
This is the charge for the gas you have consumed in this billing period.  This recovers the costs paid by PNG to buy gas on the open market.  These costs are passed through to you without mark-up.  The commodity charge will change from time to time in response to changes in the gas market prices.

GCVA Commodity Rider
The commodity charge payable by customers is based on a forecast of the gas market prices Pacific Northern expects to pay to gas suppliers over a 12 month period. The difference between the forecast commodity cost Pacific Northern charges its customers and the actual gas market prices are recorded by Pacific Northern in an account called the Gas Cost Variance Account (GCVA). ‘The balance of this account is reviewed by Pacific Northern and the B.C. Utilities Commission every three months. If actual gas market prices have exceeded forecast gas market prices, then a GCVA debit rate rider will be added to rates to recover the shortfall in the recovery of actual gas costs.  If forecast gas market prices are greater than actual gas market prices, a credit GCVA rate rider will be deducted from customer rates. In this way, customers pay the same cost for gas as is paid by Pacific Northern.

Franchise Fee
PNG pays the municipalities in which it operates a franchise fee in consideration of the municipality allowing PNG to install and operate its pipeline distribution system in streets and laneways owned by the municipality.  The franchise fee is equal to 3 percent of revenue received from gas customers located within municipal boundaries.  PNG pays the municipality the franchise fee collected in the previous calendar year by the end of March of the following year.  The franchise fee revenue received by a municipality helps to moderate the property taxes that would otherwise be payable by residents and businesses within the municipality.

12% Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

Residential Energy Credit
The Residential Energy Credit (REC) refunds residential customers the equivalent of the Provincial portion of the HST (the 7% that used to be PST).

Carbon Tax
Carbon Tax is a Provincial tax that applies to the purchase of all fossil fuels within the Province of BC.  The tax is collected by the Energy Supplier and remitted directly to the Provincial Government.

Total Current Charges
This is the total of all charges pertaining to the current billing period.  This does not include any charges that are being carried over from a previous bill or other charges or adjustments that appear at the top of your bill in the “Balance Forward” section.  The date these charges are due is also included on this line.

Total Amount Outstanding
This is the total amount due on your account.  It includes current charges and any charges due from a previous bill.

Consumption History Graph
This is a graphical representation of the consumption recorded on your account compared to past months.

Special Message Box
This area of your bill is reserved for special and important messages regarding changes to gas rates, revisions to taxes or tax rates, and other important things that you should be aware of.  Please pay special attention to messages that appear in this box.

Current Charges Due By
This is due date of your bill.  This is the latest date we should receive payment in full for current charges.  Any unpaid balance remaining after the Due Date is subject to a late payment charge.  Please note that any unpaid balance from previous bills is already past due and should be paid immediately.

Mailing Address
This is the address your bills are sent to.  For some customers, this may be different than the service address.  You should check to make sure the address is correct.  If it is not, please notify us and we will update our records.

Pre-Authorized Payment
If you are enrolled in the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan, this will let you know the amount that will be withdrawn from your financial institution and the date it will be withdrawn.  Please note that normally funds are withdrawn early on the morning of the due date.


Occasionally, cheques issued by PNG to customers or vendors become outdated because they remain uncashed. This could be because they were unsuccessfully delivered and not returned to PNG or perhaps they’ve been received by the recipient and then lost.

PNG makes reasonable attempts by mail and phone to contact parties who are owed money, however sometimes our efforts are unsuccessful. These unclaimed funds are transferred into a searchable database that is made available on our website. Per the rules laid out in BC’s Unclaimed Property Act and Regulation, our database identifies sums of $50 or more. These items remain active in the database for the time periods prescribed in Article 5.1(1)(a) of the Regulation.

If you believe that PNG may owe you money, you can search our database. If your name appears, then you can file an application to have the funds returned to you.

Begin typing in the letters of your name or business and the results will be displayed below.

Submit Request for Unclaimed Funds

The application must be filled out completely, signed, and sent by mail to PNG along with copies of at least two (2) forms of identification (preferably those used in previous transactions with PNG). As PNG requires the original signed application, faxed or emailed applications cannot be accepted. To expedite the process, a copy of a PNG bill for the account you are claiming for would be helpful. If you provide an email address on your application, PNG will contact you by email with confirmation when your application is received. Once your application is submitted, you may contact PNG with any questions regarding your claim by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Checklist Before you mail your application, please ensure you have:

  1. Completed all areas of the Information About Yourself section.
  2. Completed all possible areas of the Account Information section.
  3. Completed all areas of the Other Personal Information section if you are claiming on behalf of someone else.
  4. Signed and dated the application.
  5. Enclosed copies of at least two (2) forms of identification (e.g. Driver’s Licence, SIN, BC ID).
  6. Enclosed a copy of a PNG bill for the account you are claiming for, if available.

Mail your application to:

Customer Service
Unclaimed Funds
Pacific Northern Gas Ltd.
2900 Kerr Street
Terrace, BC  V8G 4L9

Click here for a fillable “Unclaimed Funds Request” form.

PDF Format

The “Unclaimed Funds Request” fillable form is in PDF format and requires a PDF reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader Version 7.0 or the most recent version of another PDF reader, you can download Adobe Reader free by clicking on the ‘Get Adobe Reader’ icon below.



For your convenience, we accept the following methods of payment:

  1. Pre-Authorized Payment Plan. PDF Form
  2. Mail. Send a cheque or money order to the address on the front of your bill.
  3. Online or telephone banking. Contact your financial institution for details.
  4. At your financial institution. A transaction fee may be charged at the time of payment.
  5. Pay with credit card. Visa and MasterCard accepted through our website. (click here)
  6. Pay with credit card over the phone. Visa and MasterCard accepted. Call Caledon Card Services, at 1-866-287-0039.
  7. Payment drop box. Deposit a cheque or money order, payable to Pacific Northern Gas, in the drop box at most of our locations. Please call us to find the one nearest to you.


Budget Billing and Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

Q Who can sign up for Budget Billing Plan?
A Any PNG residential or commercial customers whose account is in good standing is eligible for this Plan.

Q How do I sign up for the Budget Billing Plan?
A Just fill out the application (click here), and fax it, mail it, place it in the drop box nearest you, or email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Q Can I change my mind about the Budget Billing Plan?
A Yes. Just tell us you want to cancel your enrollment in the Budget Billing Plan, by fax, telephone or mail.

Q What if I overpay or underpay during the Budget Billing Plan Year?
A At the end of each plan year (May or June, depending on where you live) we automatically make any adjustments required to your account. If you have underpaid, the difference will appear on your next bill. If you have overpaid, a credit for that amount will appear on your next bill.

Q What if I think my monthly Budget Billing Plan payments are too much?
A If you are on the Budget Billing Plan, your bills will include a “Budget Billing Plan Summary”. This summary will show you your “Energy Charges to Date” which is the total value of the gas you have consumed since the beginning of the Budget Year. The summary will compare this to “Installments Billed to Date”, which is the amount you have paid PNG through your monthly installments. The difference between these two amounts will show you how much you are ahead (or behind) in your Plan. Ideally, during the summer months you will want to see a higher amount in “Installments Billed”. This is the extra money in your Plan Account that will offset your higher winter bills. If you think your payments are too high or too low, please contact our office and we will review your consumption history with you and will make any necessary adjustments.

Q Do I need to re-enroll in the Budget Billing Plan each year?
A No. If you are already on the Budget Billing Plan, you will automatically be re-enrolled. Your new Budget Billing amount will be set based on your consumption the previous year.

Q How do I sign up for the Pre- Authorized Payment Plan?
A Just fill out the application (click here), attach a personal cheque marked VOID and fax them, mail them, or place them in the drop box nearest you.

Q Which banks participate in the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan?
A All banks, credit unions and trust companies participate.

Q What if I switch banks? How does this affect my enrollment in the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan?
A Just fill out a new application, and provide us with a new void cheque.

Q Can I change my mind about the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan?
A Yes. Just tell us you want to cancel your enrollment in the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan by telephone or mail.

Q Will I still get bills in the mail if I am on the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan?
A Yes. Your bill will still come to you as it does now, but the bill payment will be made automatically as long as you are enrolled in the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan. Your bill will state that the amount due will be withdrawn from your financial institution on or after the due date.

Q When will funds be withdrawn from my bank account while I am on the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan?
A Funds will automatically be withdrawn from your account early on the morning of the due date of your bill.

Q Will I have to pay fees or bank charges for being on the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan?
A PNG does not charge a fee for this Plan. However, depending on your bank’s policies and the type of account you have your bank may charge you a fee. This fee should be no more than the fee charged for processing a cheque.